High performance Waitlist & Reservation without hidden fees?
YES, Chef!
We help some of the busiest restaurants in the world keep pace with today’s orders and tomorrow’s goals.
Minitable X Google
Over one billion people use Google to learn more about the world. With Minitable, each of these users is now a potential customer.
Google Buttons Reserve with Google is now available at Minitable. Your guests can make a reservation and join the waitlist directly from Google Search or Google Maps.
Customizable backend features put you control of online traffic, party size presets, and table availability down to the minute.
Reimagine Possibilities with Minitable
As a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, Minitable crafts each product and service to seamlessly adapt to your business needs today, tomorrow, and a decade into the future. Our standout features include:
Cross-Platform Support: Explore our merchant app available on both iOS and Android, facilitating multiple entry points for a versatile user experience.
Unrestricted Flexibility: Break free from fixed devices and locations with our cross-functional capabilities, enabling you to manage your operations effortlessly across various platforms.
Effortless Efficiency: Minitable is designed with a focus on lightweight efficiency, ensuring a smooth and unhindered user experience.
Empower your business with Minitable, where adaptability meets efficiency, providing you with the tools to navigate the future seamlessly.
Big insights right at your fingertips.
It’s your data. Own it! With Minitable, you can track customer behavior over time and leverage these insights to grow your business strategically. With customizable back-end tags, the possibilities are limitless.
Main features
 SMS Notification
 SMS Notification
Tailor waitlist and reservation messages with our SMS feature, supporting one-way, two-way, automated, and manual options. Modify content, use multiple languages, and provide guests with timely reminders for an engaging experience.
 Reservation Deposit
 Reservation Deposit
Simplify reservations with our deposit feature. Set deposits based on factors like party size and table configurations. Whether automatic or manual, our feature ensures a seamless reservation experience, enhancing service satisfaction.
 Customer Tag
 Customer Tag
Personalize interactions with customer tags. Easily assign tags to guests, and cater to unique preferences, creating a memorable and personalized experience.
High performance. Zero compromises. That’s it.
In the restaurant world, what you say needs to match what you serve. Software and products
made for this industry should follow the same code. Minitable offers customizable, high-performance tech without add-on charges, hidden fees,
or huge learning curves.

used by some of the busiest

restaurants in the world

Streamlined guest and staff satisfaction with Minitable.
With Minitable, our Waitlist and Reservation system is perfectly streamlined for staff and guest satisfaction. And, the customized floorplan feature made our life much easier.
Hutaoli, New York City
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Get the best tech solutions
with Minitable
Get the best tech solutions
with Minitable
Get the best tech solutions
with Minitable