The new standard to engage with your customers.

With an all-in-one simple, stable, and AI powered solution, Minitable helps local businesses build their own platforms and manage their traffic.


AI powered e-commerce SaaS platform designed to help restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and more

Online Ordering

Ordering becomes unprecedented easy and convenient. No more login or register for your customers. Manage all your orders and menu in one easy-to-use system. Unlimited orders. No extra processing fees.

Reservation & Waitlist

Expand the reach of your business and effectively streamline your traffic both offline and online with Minitable. 20+ ways to engage with your customers and 50+ advanced settings to satisfy your business needs.


Our solutions cover all kinds of use cases.

Online ordering for restaurants & bars
  • Contactless dining Support order through multiple channels (QR code, Google Maps, etc.) and contactless payment.
  • Ready to use No extra step like login or register to place an order.
  • Marketing campaigns Data-driven decision to launch your marketing campaigns.
Local pickup for coffee shops, bakeries & grocery stores
  • Easy to handle System set up in 10 mins & intelligent menus changeable in any time.
  • Lower cost Profits 100% belong to the merchants. No extra processing fee.
  • Customized interface Enhance brand image with consistent visual assets: brand colors, logo, etc.
Reservations, waitlist, & table management for restaurants
  • All-in-One system Effectively manage reservations, waitlist, & table management in one place.
  • Easy notifications With one click, over 20+ default and customized reminder options
  • Intelligent advanced setting Multiple customizable settings based on different situations: reservation time, party types, etc.
Reservations and loyalty program
  • A complete membership management software Systematically manage your customers with a secure member database.
  • Data-Driven marketing Innovative marketing tools help acquire new customers and increase customer loyalty.
  • Multiple promotion tactics Promo Codes, Coupon Rewards, Birthday Reminders, Interactive Marketing Solutions.


We bring new opportunities to your business

Customer Acquisition

Online invitation, first order discount, discount, promo code, integration with mainstream third platforms…

Customer Experience

Customized notifications, realtime communication, wait marketing, interactive marketing solutions…

Average Cover

Customized online menu, advanced setting, combo, discount, marketing campaigns, A/B test…

Customer Retention

Loyalty Program, Membership Management, Customer Data, Customer Survey…

How to use Minitable?

Customer support

24/7 customer service and effective execution

Instant set-up and access

Easy-to-use interface and staff training

Customized setting

Provide the fittest setting based on different use cases

Quick-Start tutorial videos

Step-by-Step instructions, learning at any time

Start your business journey with Minitable