Survey +
Feedback that feeds back?
Yes, Chef.
Their opinions. Your insights. All right here with Survey+.
everyone’s a critic
and that’s a good thing
Get real insights fast with after-meal questionnaires from Survey+.
totally customizable questions
real-time insights on customer experiences
track responses and trends over time
own every insight
Should we serve brunch?
Do we need more vegan options?
Is service too slow?
Real success relies on answers to millions of little questions. Survey+ gives restaurants a 360° view on what really matters to customers.
make every review count
Why keep rave reviews to yourself? Survey+ comes with a plugin that syncs real customer feedback from the Google listings.
manage and analyze first-hand feedback all in one place
quickly add, edit, and delete reviews synced to your Google listings
use Survey+ data to pinpoint ideal customers
boost your online presence and reputation
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Waitlist & Reservations
Waitlist & Reservations
Waiting is hard. Make it easier with our AI-powered Waitlist & Reservation system. Keep customers informed and engaged with interactive, real-time updates sent right to their phones.
Survey +
Survey +
Make it easy for customers to rave about you. Instead of waiting for reviews to trickle in, Survey+ is the zero-hassle system to get instant feedback.
Turn your frequent customers into loyal advocates with Minipass, our comprehensive and modular loyalty management tool.
Scan-Table Ordering
Scan-Table Ordering
Let customers speak for themselves. With Scan-Table Ordering, servers can focus more on creating the ideal atmosphere and less on which table needs dressing on the side.
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Remove unnecessary barriers between your customers and your kitchen. With high-powered Online Ordering, your business can experience unprecedented sales growth quickly.
Self-Ordering Kiosk
Self-Ordering Kiosk
Keep things moving with Self-Ordering Kiosks. Cut down on wait times and errors. Our totally customizable interface puts a branded experience right at the customers’ fingertips.
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