Headache-free FOH management?
Yes, Chef.
instantly organize and manage all things FOH with Minipass
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With Minipass, you can:
oversee waitlists & reservations
keep track of orders
manage customer loyalty rewards
…all on one app!
keep ‘em coming back for more
totally customizable customer rewards
■ choose from benefits including birthday rewards, points for every purchase, free gifts and more
■ allow customers to transfer rewards to friends
■ re-connect with guests with notifications about expiring points
put your data to work
strategically grow your business with Minipass insights
track order trends and customer behavior with your own private pool of data
customize the data you want to track with back-end tags
leverage this information for hyper-targeted marketing opportunities
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Waitlist & Reservations
Waitlist & Reservations
Waiting is hard. Make it easier with our AI-powered Waitlist & Reservation system. Keep customers informed and engaged with interactive, real-time updates sent right to their phones.
Survey +
Survey +
Make it easy for customers to rave about you. Instead of waiting for reviews to trickle in, Survey+ is the zero-hassle system to get instant feedback.
Turn your frequent customers into loyal advocates with Minipass, our comprehensive and modular loyalty management tool.
Scan-Table Ordering
Scan-Table Ordering
Let customers speak for themselves. With Scan-Table Ordering, servers can focus more on creating the ideal atmosphere and less on which table needs dressing on the side.
Online Ordering
Online Ordering
Remove unnecessary barriers between your customers and your kitchen. With high-powered Online Ordering, your business can experience unprecedented sales growth quickly.
Self-Ordering Kiosk
Self-Ordering Kiosk
Keep things moving with Self-Ordering Kiosks. Cut down on wait times and errors. Our totally customizable interface puts a branded experience right at the customers’ fingertips.
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